Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just post it

PART A (brands of toiletries)
please state your current brand of the following:
1. hair shampoo : L'oreal ELSEVE (plus royal honey)
2. hair conditioner : same with da shampoo..just Loreal suit with my hair
3. facial foam : Z.A facial cleansing foam (brought it from WATSON KBMALL.. two for RM18++ lagik borong..murah)
4. scrubs : bOdy scrubs @ face scrubs ??? fOr bOdy scrubs Ginvera green tea and face scrub St.Ives
5. facial cream : my secret beauty~ Fair & lovely (already 11 years with it)
6. body lotion : Nivea bOdy lOtiOn (jarang guna..myb i'm not da lotion girl..haha)
7. shower soap : not remember bcoz just refill a empty bottle with it (i like a sporty scene
8. lipstick : maybelline of course
9. perfume : many..ayah tokei perfume..hehe currently Amore, Lustre Women, JLo
10. deodorant : Revona but I like Nivea

PART B (clothes)
just state the favourite brand that you have only:
1. t-shirt : T-shirt percuma..haha
2. jeans : straight cut jeans~HALF..
3. baju kurung or melayu : nO brand Just beli siap :D
4. shoes : Macam-macam..BATA pn ade,beli tepi2 jalan pn ade..haha
5. slippers : selipar cap jepun..hehe
6. spectecles/sunglasses : G?? ciplak gak
7. hijjab : cap Wakaf che yeh..haha
8. underwear : haha.its nOne Of ur business :D
9. belt : nO brand.only da beautiful one
10. socks : dOn't knOw yg ade gambar makkah..haha
11. watch : Nike,Rado,Casio,Adidas,Kimo...ciplak sumanye :D

PART C (technology)
1. mobile handphone : My RED nOkia N76 yg bling-bling
2. laptop/notebook : TOSHIBA + flat screen, flexible keyboard + speaker
3. printer/scanner : HP yang 4 in 1
4. camera : my handphOne's camera & Besta camera (my bro borrow it)
5. hard disk : xtau jenama dia..xtulis pun..huhu
6. mp3/mp4 player : my red handphOne's mp3 :D (dat HP have camera,Mp3,videocam,3G..that why I don;t sell it to Cik Din..hehe)

all that things mention before we use them everyday..but myb we just not realise it..and you know?? i have go to my toiletaries basket to check dat things..hehe..

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rajinkan tgn untuk bgtau sakit ape..hehe..ops komen anda :)

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