Tuesday, October 20, 2009

O&G Result

just came ouT!!MySpace

what I want to say?? ALHAMDULILLAHMySpace
but for those not get any luck for that..don;t worry ok..
just meet Doc Nora,like she said its OK,if u come back and U will know better..better than make mistake during final year.. MySpace

see my previous post kalo btul..alhamdulillah

we always do mistake sometime..that da way we'r learn..since child (mentang2 posting paed)..before we can walk we always fall down..but we try harder to get what we want..

I also still learning not to do same mistake twice..but maybe luck and unluck is what had been tercatat for us..I wish I'll get lucky everytime..insyaallah
pepun kena tawakal,after berusaha..maybe ade hikmah disebaliknye..(yeah,just think da good side way..when I been more better person..more experience..)MySpace

for my next posting..I should work harder this time..many topics I'm not cover yet..AAAHHHH!!
with da logbook..MySpace

one problem of mine: my stress threhold is very difficult for me to reach dat stress mode easy..that's da good thing rite?? but sometime u don't any pusher to get u work with stress
we r work more harder if we r in stress,rite?
dat y many people said "nape ksol xnmpk stress pun" "ksol stress sbb tak stress"MySpace

any treatment for lowering my stress treshold??MySpace

p/s: today,i'm pissed off with this guy/gurl..camla dia tere sgt..i'm just ignore with dat such of i care MySpace

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