Friday, May 21, 2010

Men's Fashion Tips

not fair dat I only post tips for guys there is tips for u

Men's Accessory Tips
~Your belt and shoe color should match. I prefer black..HITAM ITU MENAWAN..hehe
~Make sure your shoes are comfortable suitable with da occasion..
~Keep your shoes in tip-top shape by polishing them regularly.
~Your socks should match your shoes. i hate see guys wears white socks with black sense in fashion dat guy
~Your tie should reach the top of your belt. not too short..
~Wear a belt that fits. The prong should fit into one of the middle holes, not the first or last one.
~Do not wear a belt AND suspenders at the same time.
~Apply cologne before getting dressed to avoid any direct stains. n perfumes..and brush ur teeth or chew some chewing gum :)
~Remember, good posture adds height and self-confidence

Haircut & Styling
~Men need their hair trimmed more often than women do, approximately every 4 weeks.
~Don't hold on to an outdated look. Ask your stylist for an updated haircut and style that will compliment your natural texture and part.

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