Tuesday, January 05, 2010

my 20-TEN Resolutions

many things happen in 2009..the very stress,sad and wonderful of year that ever happen to me..

so,lupekan yg lame and go forward!!

my 10~~2010 Resolutions :
1. try harder & more FOCUS SOL!! what ever U do!! plez give me more support..Ya ALLAH,please help me..hope I'll finish my medical course soon. I take so much time to complete it.

2. improve my English..coz my English is SUCK!!.eventho I know about something bcoz of my English I tend to keep silence n of course I failed to answer unlucky and not confidence of me (plez forgive me if they are many grammar mistake)

3.pray 5times a day in kusyuk, plez no more subuh gajah..hehe..recite Al-Quran (kdg2 lupe) and fast every Monday and Thursday (pelan2) and puase ganti (hehe)

4.Loss my weight?? haha..even my friends said dat i'm too small and not suitable for blood donation (of course weight fulfill da criteria) hanya aku yg tahu berat aku..more than 50kg ok (ops!!)..haha..not worry about my weight coz i'm not da diet women and tend to eat everything (and bertambah-tmbh) particular target to loss weight coz I don;t really care about my weight but afraid if I loss weight faster like la
st sem (pipi cengkung..I hate dat)..myb I should maintain my weight and control my diet bcoz I'M ALREADY 25 YEARS OLD!!

5.NO SICK,NO DRUGS!!..not ice or marijuana..only ubat2..coz I hate to take medication (ape puyer bakal doc la aku ni..hehe)..sejak kecik lagik aku xsuka makan ubat..tmbh2 panadol..ubat batuk laju je..hehe..dulu kat MRSM warden kena dtg bilik tgok aku makan panadol sbb demam teruk mase 2..puyerla aku degil..haha..dpt plak warden garang kena la telan gak panadol 2..isk..pahit2..
2009~~ tahun yg paling banyak aku sakit..sakit kaki,sakit perut,rendung teruk,sakit kepala.dada,sakit hati pun ade..
tiap2 bulan aku akan xsihat..pity of me..and I'll have to skip my classes and ward round during dat time..nak study lagik la,my performance in study was very bad..
so I hope dat in 2010, my luck will more illness,no more medication..and plez no allergic to any drug

6.Exercise!!haha..bukan nak dpt 6 packs ok..nak tingkatkan stamina..nak tukarkan lemak2 berlebihan ni jadi muscle..boleh x??hehe..paha yg besar ditutup ngan baju and straight cut jean..haha..and to reduce my body fat (internal puyer)..dah tua2 ni (igt gak)..and to prevent osteoporosis.. one of prophylaxis of get early osteoporosis is to exercise..tiap2 ari kena turun main..kalo bukan hoki squash..wpun ari nak ujan.. experience many new things..want to go for adventure things even look like da craziest thing to do..hehe..mane leh bgtau 2009 whoooosss..many things I;m done..hope for more more money..ahaks..very difficult to do it..still get money from JPA n pama (parents)..many things I want ti buy :new laptop after my laptop passed away few months back & now using my bro's laptop.cute korean dresses (kawaii), and of sourse make-up..haha.maybe time to save some of my money from da benda2 merepek..

9.Smile always eventho crying inside..

10.searching for my prince charming..haha..bile la dia nak jatuh dari langit..haha.hopefully my jodoh akan bertemu jugak in 2010..insyaallah..kalo ade mother already have 2 children and is pregnant during this time (same age like me this time)..haha.

thats my 10 resolutions..can I achieve it? wait until 2011..hehe

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