Monday, February 22, 2010

Warna Warni Oftal Posting

Sometime u have difficult to colour ur fundus findings right and to label kalo tak nmpk fundus..itu need more practice..
so,just to share wif u guyz...take notes

Color Coding for Retinal Drawing

Color Anatomic &Features

Red Retinal arteries, retinal hemorrhage, attached retina, retinal neovascularization


Detached retina, retinal edema


Media opacities, vitreous hemorrhage


Retinal and choroidal exudates


Pigmented lesions, choroidal detachments

Red lined with blue

Retinal breaks

Black 'X'

laser scar



Description of the fundus

Structure & Characteristic

Optic Disc

Colour P

Pink - Normal

Pale - Optic atrophy



Well define - Normal

Blurred Margin – Swollen


Centrally pale & depress area of disc

Macula normal: flat or abN:edema

Blood vessels consist of end arteries

Arteries & Veins

Superior Nasal

Superior Temporal

Inferior Nasal

Inferior Temporal

in logbook only have to mention:

1.OD (optic disc): pink or pale

2.CDR (cup disc ratio) : Normal(0.3-0.4)

3.Macula: flat

4.Vessels (sometime ask): normal


in logbook :

Name: Muhd Abdul Ghani (nak buat nama pali..dia puyer CDR xnormal..hehe)

RN: 2*******

draw ur fundus findings and colour and label it (for abN) both left and right

this only example for normal left eye fundus findings

and comment below it for 3things I mention before:

1.OD : pink

2.CDR :0.3

3.Macula: flat

4.Vessels (sometime doc ask): normal

and add your diagnosis for that patient..

ok..DONE!! if there r any mistake plez tell me..sharing to care :P

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