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It is pathetic being a medical SERVANT?

"Why be a slave in your own country, when you are a king in another?"

see full article here
kredit to Ms Mohamad

THIS ARTICLE ABOUT increasing UKM and UM medical graduates who have left the country to continue their medical practice overseas.

(the black word form that article and the blue words from my opinion)

The system is, in my opinion, keeping doctors, since the beginning of their career as House Officers to the end of it, in the lowermost priority. When I was working there, doctors are so ill-treated, while the nurses and the medical assistants are overpowering us.

I still remember the days when I was doing seeing patients and rounds as an MO, while the staff nurses would mind their own business, having breakfast in the pantry, or having gossip chats at their own leisure. My House Officers would then have to do merely all the labour-work, up to the extent of setting intravenous drips, and serving medications. If I am to expect the nurses, my patients would have been dead, or the work would have been too slowly or incompletely done.(YEAH..ALWAYZ SEEN THIS..nurses being 'busy' eating, gossip over the kaunter when HOs were busy taking blood,manage patients)HO (house officers known as KULI)

"Doktor nak cepat, doktor turun sendirilah, gaji doktor lagi banyak dari saya"

“I’m busy with something else"

“My shift is already over"

DAMN!! really hate when this happen (even i;m only medical student)

during examine the patient, kadang2 mau gak guna oftalmoscope (if patient having diebetic mellitus (kencing manis) and high blood pressure)..myb we can see 'something' in their eyes..of course we did't bring along all time the oftalmoscope because not every patient, we have to do it...

so, we'll ask from nurses for that

nurse: yang tue tak leh je leh guna (ngan nada marah)

dlm hati: taula aku medical student do u expect that when aku jadi doktor nnt br pandai guna oftalmoscope ke??

aku ngan slumber je still nak guna gak (degil)..and the nurse still kate..DIK!! xleh guna la doktor je!!

(benci aku)
wpun hati aku panas gak kena marah,
aku cakap ngan suara lembut: nak guna sekejap je..nnt saya ltk balik yer (puyerla baik aku cakap..wpun hati membara)

Nurse: OK LAH!! Letak balik tau!!

huh..menang pun aku..lagipun nak guna xsampai 5min..pastu ltkla balik kan.. before that, nurse ni bg kat kawan aku oftalmoscope yg xleh guna (buat ape)..tuela sbb aku nak gak cari yg functional..

2nd situation
i'm oncall dat nite at labour room..of course to complete my assessment to finished my 5 conduct delivery that nite..

tgh jaga patient since she was arrived..suppose to do it..patient masuk..pasang IV line..cek nadi patient and baby..suruh patient kencing siap2..follow patient ke bilik bersalin..prepare katil..cek balik nadi and catat dlm rekod..taye skit2 sal history patient.. dan TUNGGU patient nak bersalin~~ (mmg lama...kdg2 nak tertido berjaga jaga patient 2..kdg2 xleh berjauhan ngan patient kalo patient sendr nak kita dekat ngan dia siap cengkam kite mase dorang tengah sakit..tahan je la yer..)

bile patient nak teran (dah sampai mase)..ngan slumber satu nurse ni nak conduct (HELLO..aku jaga penat2..xkan ko plak nak conduct)..
suma tau nurse ni mmg cam 2..nurse garang kat labour room 2..sll dia cam tue

dia suruh aku keluar sbb dia nak conduct...(WTH!!)

aku dah penat jaga ngan slumber buat muka bodoh..still dok dlm bilik bersalin 2..(i dah prepare suma set delivery..mane leh camni)

aku xpuas hati..tapi aku still dok kat hujung patient yg prepare to delivery..
sbb aku berkeras gak xbergerak..dia pun xleh nak conduct sbb aku kat tempat nak conduct...

NURSE: AH!! PE lagik~~ conduct la CEPAT!!

aku menang lagik..aku cepat2 pakai glove and
TERAN KAK...bagus kak!!(aku bising mase condust..cheerleader xbertauliah..hehe)

akhirnye selamat melahirkan (ops tolong...)ucap trimas kat nurse tadi (dia jd assistant aku la td..hehe)

rupenye..tak la garang mane..(eleh)..aku mmg degil kan?? lgpun hak aku..kenala pertahankan..

tp xsuma nurse cam tue..ramai lagik nurse kat hosp aku tue..baik2..
kdg2 je angin dorang kdg2 buat aku terasa hati..taye skit,marah kite plak..padahal dorang yg byk ilmu la kena ajar kite..bukan medical student tuntut ilmu kat doktor je..nurse pun ade lagik terer..

wpun aku medical student (dan yg laen gak)..kami dah biase kena marah ngan nurses (dan doctor, specialists lagik la biase)..but it may trains us to be more cekal, kental House officer later..
aku dah biase buat muka toyer (muka bodoh..siap senyum2) bila kena marah or perli dgn doctors..used to it already

my friend from oversea just transfered to my U..taye aku camne la korang leh buat muka slumber siap senyum2 bile doctors marah2?? (her teammates)..seriously bile dia dtg Malaysia, doctor marah2..dia rase nak nangis...

that how mistreat us..make
us to be more tough but please more respect..

But reading this article have made me to think again abt why we should allow ourself to be ill-treated... i agree, it was never abt $...never ever..even before we start the med school, we knew the fact that this is not the field to be a millionaire..!(YEAH ,MY DOCTORS KEEP SAID THAT)..even as a med student, all we want is just a bit of respect, what more when ur a specialist or consultant..looks like, even to want to be respected as an equal human being is too much to ask...

My simple opinion to all medical students who are studying in foreign universities and local universities is, Whatever you are going through is significant to your character building to make you to be more patient before you are let to diagnose the patients of different categories, which the psychologists can explain very clearly. Do not explain further and further to discredit the noble profession and you are the most respected professionals and sometimes people worship you like God, when they are cured.

Everyone needs money, status and the opportunity to excel, not only the doctors like to emigrate from Malaysia, but also other professionals like to do the same, because they are discriminated in their every day working life in Malaysia, which should be addressed to avoid brain drain.

It is because we are bound by ethics to try our best to save lives, despite how ill-treated we are. We hardly have time to complaint because we are too busy or tired, and we would rather spend the precious time resting or seeing our loved ones. The burden of trying to save lives is on our shoulders alone. No MAs or Staff nurses would shoulder it with us. They have their own bosses: the Sisters, Matrons, or Head of MAs, which job description is to ensure that the big bad doctors will not ask their underlings to do extra work.

This is how the Malaysian Ministry of Health have treated their doctors. I am very sure that in each and every doctor, there is a slowly-burning patience in serving the Malaysian people, which will eventually fade and cause them to surrender to serving a place that treats them better.

We will return when the system prioritize us and gives us the quality of life we deserve.

If it stays the same, Malaysian Hospitals would end up having Staff nurses and Medical Assistants as "Doctors", and we would have to send patients to Indonesia for an appendicectomy.

Hear our voice. We hardly speak, but will usually fade away from conflict (and fly to another place).

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