Monday, February 28, 2011

Dream High Ep 16 (Final Episode) ♥

sorry I'm the spoiler for this drama
i'm getting excited with this drama and want to share it with all of you
(of course I watched it without subs)
i saw.. i watched.. i gaped.. and i die!
such a perfect ending!!! ^^
Sam DOng is Mr.K:) (my dream come true)

OH MY GOD!!!! SONG SAM DONG AND HYE MI KISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST DIED (jealousy)
It has endeddd!!! :(
gonna miss this show!!

and gonna miss Sam Dong :)

Teacher Kang & Shi *Ki*** (poor director..haha)

for those who miss the episode (even in Malaysia can watch it live)
short cut

and cool dance in public (I like!!)
miss the flash mob I done last year (link: Sorry Sorry Flash Mob)

do not forget that tommorrow is da special episode (I hope it will online too)


  1. wahai akak sol yg disayangi,,tak lama lagi akak akan kawin dgn org korea..haha..alief pun org korea gak.korea kacukan melayu..hehehehehe..gurau je..

  2. besh kn citer ni...
    y sweet couple 2 pill suk n jason.. cute nyerrrr..

  3. @Cik Itam
    dorang sgt sweeeeet,jason terima je dia wpun masa gemuk,kurus dan gemuk balik..hehe
    suka SD ngan Hye Mi jugak.. teacher Shi ngan Teacher Kang pun lawak gak.Kang tak tahu teacher Shi tue suka dia..blur tul


rajinkan tgn untuk bgtau sakit ape..hehe..ops komen anda :)

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