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Sweetnye Couple ni~~

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they're creating own destiny with 'creating destiny

comelnye :)

credit: allkpop

Engaged couple Eugene and Ki Tae Young barely knew each other before ‘Creating Destiny’

After announcing their engagement earlier this month, S.E.S’s Eugene and actor Ki Tae Young recently revealed that they barely knew about each other prior to working together on a drama.

On May 23rd, Eugene and Ki Tae Young attended a press conference in Seoul to celebrate the release of Eugene’s beauty book, ‘Eugene’s Get It Beauty‘, as well as the couple’s engagement.

While it’s been reported that the happy couple met in 2009 after filming the MBC drama ‘Creating Destiny‘, Eugene denied the rumors that they were dating on set.

She stated, “We were not dating back then [during the drama]. Because we weren’t even close, I was very surprised and mad… I’ve only heard of his name prior to meeting him for the drama… he was very unfamiliar to me because I had never seen any of his work.”

Likewise, Ki Tae Young stated that he knew little of the former idol. He said, “Before filming the drama, I didn’t really know who she was… I knew about Fin.K.L. and S.E.S but I didn’t realize that they were two completely different groups. When I first met her, I told her I’d sing an S.E.S song but it ended up being a Baby V.O.X. song. If I knew her beforehand, I think I would have really been a fan.”

He continued, “I am an introvert so we weren’t close at the beginning. But as the filming came to a close, we ended up having dinner naturally. From her (Eugene) interactions with the staff, I realized that she was different from most people and saw the world with a pure heart and I developed close feelings for her.

As for children, they revealed, “We have a strong desire to have children and are thinking of maybe having 3 – 4 of them. We are planning for our first baby next year. But we will be enjoying life as newly-weds after our wedding and continue working at the same time. We will be living a blissful life and we hope to receive blessings from everyone!”

Eugene and Ki Tae Young will hold their wedding ceremony on July 23rd at a church in Indeogwon, followed by a honeymoon trip in Europe.

sweetnye, cinta lokasi :)

dan buat peminat B2ST, dah ade video baru dorang praktis

B2ST releases practice video for “The Fact” & “Fiction”

link here

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