Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We already in YOUTUBE!!!

GMBR sekitar projek flash mob sorry sorry
kat mane?? haha
public ma~~
pak guard pun join tgok sekali

cool..hope for next time maybe

like I mention before We been practice steps for Sorry Sorry Flash Mob PROJECT and make video that represent for those (kecuali Asiah) who cannot go to Super show II due to examination and classes.

already upload in YOUTUBE..and

you can watch da video at SORRY SORRY FLASH MOB

please send ur comment.Thanx for all for ur support!! directly or indirectly involve in this project

hope can do it again for another idol group from Korea
luv to work with you guys

1 malaysia

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rajinkan tgn untuk bgtau sakit ape..hehe..ops komen anda :)

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